Practice tests are a reliable way to pass the real test.

In this post, our guest author explains why it is important to take as many mock/practice tests as possible before the real Life in the UK 2020 test. Succesfully completing the practice tests will help you retain knowledge, help you answer questions quicker and reduce anxiety. hosts 21 curated tests (750 plus potential questions and answers) , based on 2019-2020 testing pattern, ensuring a higher chance of success.


Life in the UK test FAQ

Jan 04, 2020

How long does the test last? What identification do I need to take for the test? What happens if I fail the test on the first attempt? Answers to your frequently asked questions are here!

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Books and other test resources.

Jan 05, 2020

If you would like to buy resources to help you get started, here is our recommended reading list and links to other trustworthy sources.

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